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I Remember Chad Vader

When I (Mark) first started watching YouTube regularly, one of the first things I watched consistently was Chad Vader.

Chad is Darth's younger, less successful brother.

And he's the night shift manager at Empire Grocery Store.

Hijinks insue.

It was silly genius fun.

The group would go on to do other shows including one about board games which I'll talk more about later.

Meanwhile if you want to support this little ol' blog financially without giving us anything directly then check out Star Wars Battleship.
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You never forget your first anime.

My first one was Star Blazers. In Japan it was called "Space Battleship Yamato." And there's no way in the late '70s a show with the name Yamato in it would get approval. Too many WW2 vets around.

The Yamato was a famous Japanese battleship from WW2.

Star Blazers style of animation and characters would inspire a much more famous set of anime. Something that's still around.


I just saw that they are working on a new card game based around Robotech. I think that's a great idea. You can use your imagination to play.

And while I love video games, I'm glad there are still games about fighting robots that doesn't punish the kids (and adults) who aren't as fast on their joysticks as others.

If you're looking for a new game, try this one out.

Back When The AT-ATs Were Made Of Cardboard

I didn't have much time to publish today.

But saw the preview for Last Jedi.

This made me think of a Empire Strikes Back boardgame I used to have.

Can't remember anything more than we played it.

Sick of Hearing About Kickstarter Begging You To Fund A New Board Game? Here's The Solution

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I was reading on a forum about board games.

And they were riffing on what was the worst Kickstarter project ever. For board games.

Kickstarter is a site where you can get other people to fund your project. It's a great way to get a project off the ground - if you're good.

Unfortunately, most people just aren't good at it.

And the projects don't get funded. Or made.

This doesn't make the people creating the projects and asking for the funding bad people.

They should be applauded for starting.

And it's hard to ask for money. But like most people (including most business people)- they just suck at it.

Anyway I don't want talk about the poor souls who flopped.

But I will point you to my favorite game company. That's not a superstar mega-corp.

And they have been around for a while. So not exactly a startup.

But they're not namebrand either. Even for their most popular …

How To Get Started With Creating A GURPS Character

GURPS is a role playing game system that is designed to be generic enough that you can play any type of environment. From traditional fantasy to a western to scifi to your favorite anime.