The Truth About Board Games That Mothers Shouldn't Ignore

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The truth about board games is that they are not just a way to kill time without staring at a screen.

They can help bond your family together. Bonding happens not through a specific "bonding" exercise. But just spending time. And we all know there are times where kids and parents don't want to talk to each other.

Playing games can help with communication.

But board games can also help with making you smarter. Of course this will apply to your kids as well :).

Here are some games and how they will raise the IQ.

 221 B Baker Street

Clue is a great game to start with if you like mysteries. But it's a simple game. If you can get your hands on a copy of 221 B Baker Street it will level you up in your deduction skills. As you hunt around London to find clues and solve a case inspired by Sherlock Holmes.


We covered this in our first review. But I enjoy the heck out of this game. And it's not only fun but can be educational as well. As your kids can learn how to sell, negotiate and strategize.


We love to promote games from smaller companies. Because the big guys are pretty good about getting press on their own.

But yesterday at lunch we were talking about the movie Battleship. It's an ok popcorn flick. But what I love about it is that the old men on the Battleship Missouri - are the real men who remain from serving on her at the time. And the special forces guy with Brooklyn Decker - is also a real dude. He was at the time, I believe, the commander for Wounded Warriors.

But this game teaches you strategy and spatial awareness.

And endless jokes about "you sunk my battleship."


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