Let the dice roll.

I love board games but not the ones that need more than 2 or 3 people to play.

This is because growing up, I didn't have many friends nearby. I wasn't a shy kid. And at school I had enough friends.

But after school - I lived far from most of my friends so it was hard to come up with enough kids to play anything interesting.

And to be candid - I kept this a secret even from my own wife. She's not into playing as many games as I was. Or rather, the games I like to play.

Luckily, I now have my friend Nathan. He too loves board games. And we decided to startup a blog (and of course corresponding Facebook page) where we can share our love of games.

And eventually we'll share reviews of games.

We plan to focus mostly on games from smaller creators. Nothing against Hasbro or Parker Brothers.

But there's something fun in playing games from indy creators. Kind of the spirit of the day.

Plus - I still have dreams of being a game designer. I nearly flunked out of my freshman year in high school over that. More on that later.


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