Family Game Night Continues On

I had lunch yesterday with my friend Mo.

And I told him how Nathan and I started this blog project about board games.

Mo's Nathan's age. At my day job most of our consultants are fresh out of college. And one of duties is train them up.

And Mo and Nathan are part of that crew.

Anyway, I told Mo about our little project.

And he was excited. It turns out that his family used to play board games on Sunday night.

Another fact that warmed my heart was hearing that DnD hadn't died out yet. That even the kids who played Magic the Gathering still played DnD.

And his high school friends even did what I did in high school around DnD - they adapted it to fit their favorite shows. Though in my case (last generation to fight Cold War) - ours involved fantasy of fighting the Soviets, his generation played Anime heroes.

Also - his crew got to use the rules from the open source D20.

I had to make mine all up from scratch without the Internet. I don't mean that to come off as "old man saying get off my lawn" crotchety. Rather - I'm a bit jealous.


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