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The Truth About Board Games That Mothers Shouldn't Ignore

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The truth about board games is that they are not just a way to kill time without staring at a screen.

They can help bond your family together. Bonding happens not through a specific "bonding" exercise. But just spending time. And we all know there are times where kids and parents don't want to talk to each other.

Playing games can help with communication.

But board games can also help with making you smarter. Of course this will apply to your kids as well :).

Here are some games and how they will raise the IQ.

221 B Baker Street Clue is a great game to start with if you like mysteries. But it's a simple game. If you can get your hands on a copy of 221 B Baker Street it will level you up in your deduction skills. As you hunt around London to find clues and solve a case inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

We covered this in our first review. But I enjoy the heck out of this …

Stop Boredom In Its Tracks With Bohnanza The Card Game

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Here's a secret.

When Nathan first said he would bring over "Bohnanza" for us to play. I immediately thought of this.

For young folk out there - that's the theme song to the TV show Bonanza. Which was a popular western on TV. And I used to watch re-runs growing up. On Sundays because Channel 39 in Dallas ran westerns on Sundays. And it was before we had hundreds of channels on cable. And of course no Internet.

Back to our card game.

This game is a game from a small outfit named Rio Grande Games.

And it can be played with 2 to 7 people. My wife joined us so we had 3.

In general the game is similar to Gin Rummy.

The goal is to collect the most coins by harvesting your beans.

There are cards of different types (all of them are beans). Some beans like the Wax bean are prevalent. Thus it takes more of them to get coins. Other beans may only have 6 total in the deck, thus are harder to ge…

Family Game Night Continues On

I had lunch yesterday with my friend Mo.

And I told him how Nathan and I started this blog project about board games.

Mo's Nathan's age. At my day job most of our consultants are fresh out of college. And one of duties is train them up.

And Mo and Nathan are part of that crew.

Anyway, I told Mo about our little project.

And he was excited. It turns out that his family used to play board games on Sunday night.

Another fact that warmed my heart was hearing that DnD hadn't died out yet. That even the kids who played Magic the Gathering still played DnD.

And his high school friends even did what I did in high school around DnD - they adapted it to fit their favorite shows. Though in my case (last generation to fight Cold War) - ours involved fantasy of fighting the Soviets, his generation played Anime heroes.

Also - his crew got to use the rules from the open source D20.

I had to make mine all up from scratch without the Internet. I don't mean that to come off as "ol…

DIY Dungeons and Dragons Terrain

Did you ever play old school DnD?

I (Mark) did. I really enjoyed it. And I still miss playing pen and paper RPG games. In future I hope we can cover some variations including the Mythics engine. Which lets you play without a GM or Dungeon Master. And even play solo.

Note - Nathan's never played old school DnD. His generation had Magic the Gathering.

Let the dice roll.

I love board games but not the ones that need more than 2 or 3 people to play.

This is because growing up, I didn't have many friends nearby. I wasn't a shy kid. And at school I had enough friends.

But after school - I lived far from most of my friends so it was hard to come up with enough kids to play anything interesting.

And to be candid - I kept this a secret even from my own wife. She's not into playing as many games as I was. Or rather, the games I like to play.

Luckily, I now have my friend Nathan. He too loves board games. And we decided to startup a blog (and of course corresponding Facebook page) where we can share our love of games.

And eventually we'll share reviews of games.

We plan to focus mostly on games from smaller creators. Nothing against Hasbro or Parker Brothers.

But there's something fun in playing games from indy creators. Kind of the spirit of the day.

Plus - I still have dreams of being a game designer. I nearly flunked out of my freshman…